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Non Milos Criteria

Plato gives specific details about many aspects of Atlantis, from its geography to its culture. The 24 Milos Criteria are details that are generally regarded as needing to be met in order to satisfy a claim to being Atlantis.

However, there are numerous other details within Plato's texts that warrant consideration.


  • Atlantis was largely self sufficient.
  • The island was large enough to have pasture for tame and wild animals.
  • The interior of Atlantis featured rivers, marshes, forests with woods for all kinds of work, mountains, and plains.
  • There were two harvests a year, one after summer irrigation and one after the winter rains.
  • Fruits were harvested that had hard rinds and meat, and could be made into oils and ointments.
  • There were chestnuts.
  • Atlantis had numerous "great" temples. It had bridges, towers, walls, canals, irrigation, and the means to build them.
  • Ivory was used in temple decoration.
  • There was a horse racing track on the outer wall.
  • Atlantis had many large and beautiful mountains. The mountains contained "country folk, rivers, lakes, meadows, forests."
  • The mountains sheltered the main plain across the northern side and ran into the ocean.
  • The outer wall was 11 miles in diameter (approx.).
  • The earthquake left a "shoal of mud" making it impassable.


  • Atlantis traded with many foreign nations.
  • The leaders wore "azure" colored robes during prayer and judicial ceremonies.
  • The leaders inscribed their decisions upon a pillar of orichalcum.
  • Atlantis was ruled by 10 kings.
  • Atlantis had ceremonial harvest offerings.
  • Atlantis had many gods, but these were intermixed with humans and were "great men".
  • The gods thought little of possessions, and possessed true and great spirits.
  • As the offspring of the "great ones" bred with humans, they became more human, succumbing to human nature, avarice, and debasement.
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