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Several websites carry this text:

"Ponza has many similarities to the Atlantis legend. Legends say that Ponza was the lost island of Tyrrhenia which was large and had a city at its edge. It was connected by land to the Italian mainland near Naples. A volcano exploded and the island sunk leaving only the mountain top which is now called Ponza. Near Naples is Pozzuoli where Roman Temples in the harbor rose above water in the late 1960s due to volcanic processes."

Though research continues, Atlantipedia can find no originator for this theory at present.


Bellucci, F. et al. "Structure and geological evolution of the island of Ponza, Italy: inferences from geological and gravimetric data," Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, Vol. 79, Issues 1-2, October 1997, pp. 87-96.

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