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In his writings on Atlantis, Plato specifically states that although the names of Greek gods are used in describing the gods of Atlantis, he did this only so that his Greek audience might understand the nature of those gods better, his chosen names were not their actual names.

Appealing to similarities between gods of different cultures was quite common in the ancient world. However, cultural differences mean that it will never be a certainty as to what attributes Plato was referring to when he chose one god to represent another.

This problem is compounded when it is considered that the story originated in Egypt, and there is a very real possibility that Egyptian scribes chose their own cognates to get the point across too. We therefore cannot be certain that the final Greek god chosen by Plato bears much similarity at all to any original god of Atlantis. We can try and make educated guesses.

Therefore, this list takes the gods of Atlantis, mentioned by Plato, examines their attributes, and lists possible cognates from other cultures. Much of the findings are open to interpretation.

Greek God Cognate Location
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