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Atlantis Authors Fiction

Atlantipedia is not focused on the fictional aspects of Atlantis, however from time to time we run across materials that researchers may find interesting. If an author has written a series of books about Atlantis, we only include the first in the series. This list is maintained on an ad hoc basis and is not intended to be comprehensive.

Date Name Book
1870Jules VerneTwenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
1876Jacinto VerdaguerL'Atlàntida
1900C. J. Cutcliffe HyneThe Lost Continent: The Story of Atlantis
1906David MacLean ParryThe Scarlet Empire
1919Pierre BenoitL'Atlantide
1925H. P. LovecraftThe Temple
1928Noëlle Roger (pen name of Hélène Dufour Pittard)Le soleil enseveli
1929Arthur Conan DoyleThe Maracot Deep
1937Clara Iza (Tibbets) Von RavnSelestor's Men of Atlantis
1975Taylor CaldwellThe Romance of Atlantis
1963Jane GaskellThe Serpent
1999Robert SullivanAtlantis Rising, The True Story of a Submerged Land Yesterday and Today
1999Clive CusslerAtlantis Found
2001Stel PavlouDecipher
2003Carla SageWeekly World News
2005David GibbinsAtlantis
2005Thomas GreaniasRaising Atlantis
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